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The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Manga: A Journey Through Dreams

The world of manga and light novels is vast and ever-growing, with new series being released every day. Among these, one series that has been gaining popularity is “the dreaming boy is a realist.” Written by Okemaru and illustrated by Saba Mizore, this manga has captured the hearts of readers with its unique storyline and beautiful artwork. In this article, we will take a closer look at this series and why it has become a must-read for manga fans.

The Storyline

The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Manga

The dreaming boy is a realist follows the story of a young boy named Yuu, who has the ability to enter the dreams of others. He uses this power to help people overcome their fears and insecurities, but soon realizes that his actions have consequences. As he explores further into the realm of dreams, he discovers a sinister secret that endangers everything he cherishes. With the help of his friends, Yuu must navigate through the dream world and face his own fears in order to save the ones he loves.

Beautiful Artwork

The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Manga

One of the standout features of this manga is its stunning artwork. Saba Mizore’s illustrations are detailed and captivating, bringing the dream world to life in a way that will leave readers in awe. The character designs are unique and each one has their own distinct personality, making it easy for readers to become invested in their stories. The dream sequences are especially breathtaking, with vibrant colors and intricate details that make them feel like a world of their own.

Online Availability

The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Manga

One of the best things about “the dreaming boy is a realist” is that it is available to read online. This makes it easily accessible to readers all over the world, regardless of their location. The series is available on various manga reading websites, making it easy for fans to catch up on the latest chapters and stay up to date with the story. This has also helped the series gain a wider audience and attract new readers.

Positive Reviews

Since its release, “the dreaming boy is a realist” has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from readers and critics alike. Many have praised the unique storyline and beautiful artwork, while others have commended the character development and emotional depth of the series. The manga has also been praised for its ability to tackle complex themes such as fear, loss, and friendship in a way that is relatable and thought-provoking.


In conclusion, “the dreaming boy is a realist” is a must-read for any manga fan. With its captivating storyline, stunning artwork, and positive reviews, it is clear that this series has something special to offer. Whether you are a fan of manga or light novels, this series is sure to capture your heart and leave you eagerly awaiting the next chapter. So why not give it a read and see for yourself why “the dreaming boy is a realist” is taking the manga world by storm.

Have you read “the dreaming boy is a realist”? What are your thoughts on the series? Let us know in the comments.

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